Why MIU?(一旦避難)



01 Global Faculty and Students

Ratio of Foreign Faculty

Ratio of foreign of faculty: approx. 72%
You will enjoy diverse perspectives and a wealth of knowledge from our multi-national faculty from diverse backgrounds.

Study with students of wide-ranging nationalities!


02 Main Language of Instruction is English

Classes taught in English require that students do more than simply sit and listen passively to lectures.

You will engage in numerous discussions and interactions that will develop your English skills.
The English language courses for first and second year students are streamed according to proficiency level, enabling students to develop their English language skills in classes that best suit their levels.

03 Curriculum

In the School of International Liberal Arts, students can choose from three specialized courses that provide them with clear goals for the future.

Global Liberal Arts

The aim of this course is to foster individuals who, with a foundation in Liberal Arts, can contribute to the achievement of the SDG’s.

International Business Management

The aim of this course is to foster individuals who, with a foundation in Liberal Arts, can contribute to the achievement of the SDG’s.

English Education

This course aims to develop individuals who are able to manage enterprises and society with a global perspective.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Course

Aiming to become an active player in the hospitality and tourism industry beyond national borders.

04 Special Classes for International Students

Supplementary courses are provided for international students to deepen their knowledge about Japan and the Japanese language (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced).

05 Generous Financial Support for International Students

  • 50% of the entrance fee and 20% of the tuition fee are waived.
  • MIC is an approved institution under the JASSO International Student Acceptance Promotion Program Reservation System.
  • Required procedures shall be processed after enrolment at the College; 12 students have been adopted between 2018 and 2020. Each recipient received 48,000 yen per month for one year.
  • Some of the conditions for acceptance include high school grades, language skills (Japanese or English) and financial status.

06 Housing Support

MIC has an international student dormitory on campus and a share house for Japanese and international students off campus. Both are for male students only and cost between 19,000 yen (double occupancy) and 26,000 yen (single occupancy) per month, including utilities and Wi-Fi. There are many private apartments available for rent for students in Miyazaki City, as there are several universities in and around the area. These can be rented typically from around 25,000 yen per month. Normally, a Japanese guarantor is required to rent an apartment, but MIC acts as a guarantor for apartment rental contracts for our international students.

07 Full Support Provided by the Center for Global Education

The center assists international students with a series of procedures for entering the country, arranging housing, official procedures after arrival, opening bank accounts and various aspects of daily life. In cooperation with the Office of Student Affairs , the center staff assist with applications for JASSO scholarships also.


Mr. Naoki Nishimura

Director of the Global Education Center. Experienced in international education and English education in general with an M.A. in Applied Linguistics. Loves playing tennis, posting blog articles and podcasting.

Ms. Yukiko Walker

Vice Director of the Global Education Center. 26 years at MIC. Lived in L.A. from 1987 to 1994. Loves cooking, gardening, and watching non-Hollywood movies.

Ms. Eunsoo Cho

A Japanese language instructor experienced in directing international cultural exchange programs between Japanese and Korean students since 2002, I also provide support to international students at MIC.
Your 4 years at MIC will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Why don’t you join us in the journey of discovery of new scenery and a new you? Come visit my office if you want to learn Korean!


Climate in Miyazaki

Miyazaki has a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year.

Average temperatures for each season※1


Annual sunshine in hours※2

2,116 hours / year

Third longest in Japan

Number of sunny days※2

52.7 days / year

Third longest in Japan

Low cost of living and an easy-going lifestyle

Miyazaki has the cheapest cost of living in the country!

A thriving agriculture, livestock and fishing industry means that fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and good quality meat are available at low prices.

Land prices in Miyazaki are the sixth cheapest in the country!

You can live in a spacious apartment for much less compared to big cities!
Official Land Price Prefectural Ranking 2022

Living in Miyazaki

Surfing and enjoying outdoor sports

Surfing and outdoor sports are popular in Miyazaki as the region has a mild climate and enjoys one of the longest hours of sunshine in Japan. It is also known as a place where international sports tournaments are held and professional sports teams, including baseball and soccer, hold off-season training camps every year. As well as enjoying sports yourself, you can also enjoy visiting these camps of professional athletes. If you want to get a bit of exercise, simply jogging along the river and beaches is a great way to see Miyazaki’s beautiful nature.

Enjoy the Beautiful Nature

Surfing and enjoying outdoor sports

Aoshima Beach overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Miyako Botanic Garden Aoshima, where you can see a variety of subtropical plants, are both a 20-minute drive from MIC. Florenté Miyazaki is beloved as one of the world’s leading ‘Flower Town Development Promotion Centers’ where you can also enjoy a variety of seasonal events. There are also places in the prefecture where you can witness valuable natural sceneries, such as Cape Toi with its wild horses and Kojima Island with its wild monkeys.

Land of Japanese Mythology

Surfing and enjoying outdoor sports

Miyazaki is one of the most mythical places in Japan. The prefecture is dotted with many landmarks that appear in myths relating to the origins of Japan, such as the port where Emperor Jinmu, the first Emperor of Japan, set sail. There are also many ancient burial mounds in the prefecture, and many traces of the lives of ancient peoples have been discovered. A bounty of interesting attractions for history buffs!


Surfing and enjoying outdoor sports

Miyazaki prefecture has a rich food culture supported by a variety of local produce including fish and meat. Chicken dishes, such as chicken nanban and momoyaki, are particularly representative of Miyazaki prefecture. Miyazaki is also famous for producing tropical fruits such as mangoes and, more recently, lychees.
These are sure to satisfy the stomachs of any youngster with a hearty appetite!




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