Information for the International Students


Useful Information for Daily Life/日常生活で役立つ情報関係

【Information about COVID19】

【Information for foreigners by Japanese Government Agencies】

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【Contact Numbers on Emergency】

  • Police: 110
  • Fire Department & Ambulance: 119

【Contact Numbers on Emergency】

  • 0985-84-5571 (Mito Taxi)
  • 0985-22-7277 (Hinomaru Taxi)

【Local Medical Care Facilities】

Refer to the Student Bulletin, page 233-234

【After-Hours Emergency Medical Center】

Miyazaki City After-Hours Emergency Medical Center
738-1 Funato, Shinbeppu, Miyazaki City
Tel: 0985-23-3119

【Local International Organizations】

Miyazaki City International Association

1st floor of Miyazaki City Hall Main building 1-1-1 Tachibana-dori Nishi, Miyazaki-shi
TEL: 0985-21-1719 (M-F 9-17)
FAX: 0985-21-1733
Email: miyazaki-mcia[at]
Example of services: Japanese practice for foreigners every Friday from 18:30.

  • Please change [at] to @ and send an email.

Miyazaki International Foundation

9F Carino Miyazaki, 4-8-1 Tachibana-dori Higashi, Miyazaki-shi
Open: Tuesday-Saturday 10-19; Closed: Sun, Mon and national holidays
TEL: 0985-32-8457
FAX: 0985-32-8512
Email: miyainfo[at]
Example of services: Consultation services for foreign residents.

  • Please change [at] to @ and send an email.

Miyazaki Support Center for Foreign Residents

Address and TEL: Same as the Miyazaki International Foundation.
Online consultation through Zoom is available. Contact by mail; support[at]
Information booklet in multi-language available to download from here.

  • Please change [at] to @ and send an email.

【Local Tourism Information】

Miyazaki City

Miyazaki Prefecture

  • Japanese web site. An automatic translation feature is available.

【Garbage Separation Rules】

Collection days and the rules for separation of trash by type are specified in detail by Miyazaki City. If you do not sort out your trash correctly and take it to the designated place on the designated day, your trash will not be collected and will become a source of great inconvenience for your neighbors. Please follow the disposal rules carefully. There are three main types of trash.

  1. Burnable trash = to be put in the designated RED trash bag
  2. Unburnable trash = to be put in the designated BLUE trash bag
  3. Recyclable = to be put in a colorless and transparent bag of 45-ℓ or less in size or a colorless and transparent shopping bag.

The following types of trash are recyclable. Sort and put them in separate bags

  1. Metals
  2. Packages made of plastic
  3. PET bottles
  4. Clothing※
    ※Some clothing are burnable trash.
  5. Paper The following are types of paper. Sort and bundle them with string
  1. Newspapers
  2. Cardboard boxes※
    ※Peel off any adhesive tapes.
  3. PET bottles
  4. Other
  5. Milk/Juice cartons※
    ※With no aluminum coating inside.

Miyazaki City has a free mobile App to help you sort trash correctly. You can download the App from the QR code. All your trash must be deposited in the designated place by 8:30 in the morning. Please check the collection calendar.

【Delivery Notice】

To receive a package through takkyubin (courier service) or registered mail through the post office, you need to sign when it’s delivered. If you are not home, a delivery notice will be placed in your mail box. When you find a delivery notice like the right picture, you need to call the number written on the notice and ask to redeliver. How long they will keep the package for you is also written on the notice. If you don’t call by the end of the storage period, the package will be sent back to the sender. You need to pay special attention to this especially right after you move in because important documents like your residence card and My Number Card will be sent by registered mail. Please check your mail box regularly and contact the delivery service provider when you find a delivery notice. If you are not sure what to do, please come to GEC.

Japan Post has a very helpful website for international students and it’s available in English, Chinese and Korean.

Matters Related to the Student Life/学生生活関係


Transcripts, certificates of enrollment, certificates of expected date of graduation, certificates of graduation, and health certificates are issued at the General Affairs Office. You need to fill out a request form and submit it at the counter along with the issuance fees below. Certificates are usually issued within 3 business days. The request form (PDF) is downloadable from here.

Issuance Fee (in Japanese) Issuance Fee (in English)
Certificate of Enrollment JPY150 JPY300
Transcript JPY150 JPY300
Certificate of the Expected date of Graduation JPY150 JPY300
Certificate of Graduation JPY150 JPY300
Health Certificate JPY150 JPY300

【MIC Peer Supporters】

Several volunteer students have registered as MIC Peer Supporters and Japanese conversation partners. If you need someone to practice your Japanese with, contact the Global Education Center at ywalker[at] for the list of supporter profiles. You can contact them directly and make an arrangement that fits both of your schedules.

  • Please change [at] to @ and send an email.

【On-campus Employment】

The Student Assistant Work-Study Program offers on-campus job opportunities for students in need. To become a student assistant, you must submit the required documents to the Student Affairs department by the specified date. Applicants must satisfy certain cruterua for academic performance. The Students Affairs department notifies students how to apply before every semester starts through a campus-wide email.

【Job Hunting in Japan】

The MIC Career Education Center; located on the 1st floor of the MIC-1 building, provides support and guidance to international students who wish to work in Japan after they graduate. The Career Education Center send an invitation to all the international students via campus email when it plans to hold useful events for international students such as an on-campus job hunting seminar and more.

【Search Engines for International Students on Job Hunting/Internship in Japan】


Harrassment; whatever kind it is, is a serious problem that concerns the entire MIC community. If you feel that you or a friend is being harassed or that your or your friend’s personal human rights are being violated, please feel free to consult one of the appointed advocates listed below either in person or by telephone or email. Advocates will work with you to resolve your problem.

Advocate Name Department Extension E-mail
Staff Junko Kashiwada Academic Affairs 3703 jkashiwada[at]
Staff Tsuyoshi Kawano General Affairs 3701 tkawano[at]
Faculty Jason Adachi School of ILA 3782 jadachi[at]
Faculty Anne Howard School of ILA 3723 ahoward[at]
Faculty Koji Watanabe School of EDU 3775 kwatanabe[at]
Faculty Mariko Hidaka School of EDU 3732 mhidaka[at]
  • Please change [at] to @ and send an email.

Matters Related to the Immigration Bureau/入国管理局関係

Miyazaki Branch Office of Fukuoka Immigration Bureau

Miyazaki Legal Affairs Joint Government Bld. 2nd Floor, 1-1 Beppu-cho, Miyazaki-shi 880-0802 TEL 0985-31-3580 Open 9-12 & 1-4 M-F, Closed Saturday, Sunday and national holidays

Residence Card

Your residence card, if not issued at the airport of entry, will be delivered by registered mail. You need to sign to receive it. If you are not home when it’s delivered, the deliverer will leave a notice in your mailbox. When you receive a notice, call the number on the notice and ask for redelivery, or bring the notice to the post office with your ID to pick it up by yourself.

  • Please bring your residence card to the Global Education Center (GEC) at your earliest convenience for us to make a copy for future immigration procedures.
  • Please always have your residence card with you.

Immigration Bureau Procedures through GEC

The following applications can be made through GEC.

【Extension of Stay】

You need to apply before your residence card expires. You can apply from three months before the expiration date. Even one-day of overstay is regarded as “illegal stay.” Please come to GEC at least one month before your residence card expires. Required documents for application:

  1. Application form provided by GEC
  2. Certificate of enrollment
  3. Transcript
  4. Residence card
  5. Passport
  6. Documents to prove your ability to pay expenses while staying in Japan
  7. \4000 revenue stamp (Needed upon receipt of the new residence card. Can be purchased at the 1st floor of the same building of Miyazaki Branch Office of Fukuoka Immigration Bureau)

【Permission to Engage in an ADtivity Other Than That Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted】

International students are allowed to work part-time up to 28 hours per week when classes are in session, 56 hours per week during the long break when classes are not in session, with permission from the regional immigration bureau. It is not allowed to work at any businesses related to adult entertainment. Please come to GEC if you wish to apply for permission. Required documents for application:

  • Application form downloaded from the website of the immigration bureau. Signature and seal of the president of MIC is necessary
  • Passport
  • Residence card

【Change of Residence Status When You Continue Job Hunting in Japan】

If you do not get a job and wish to keep working on job hunting in Japan after graduation, you can apply for the status of “Designated Activities” and extend your stay up to one year. You have to apply for this change before your VISA expires. You can apply for this change from 3 months before your VISA expires. Conditions apply. Please consult the immigration bureau or GEC. Required documents for application:

  1. Application Form
  2. Certificate of Graduation or Certificate of Expected Date of Graduation
  3. Document showing the ability to support your living expenses such as your bank book
  4. Letter of recommendation from MIC (designated form)
  5. Document showing your job hunting activities, such as that issued by Hello Work or the Public Employment Security Office

【Permission for Re-entry】

No prior permission is necessary if you return to Japan within a year. Tell the immigration inspector that you are going to return within a year and show your residence card. This is called “Special Re-entry Permit.” The period of validity for a Special Re-entry Permit is one year from the date of your departure from Japan, but if your permitted period of stay will expire before one year from the date of your departure from Japan, the period of validity for a Special Re-entry Permit shall be until the expiration date of the period of stay. You need to apply for an ordinary re-entry permit if you are going to stay abroad for more than a year and your VISA will be valid until the expected date of re-entry. Please consult the immigration bureau or GEC.

Matters Related to the Municipal Office/役所関係

Miyazaki City Office

1-1-1 Tachibanadori-Nishi Miyazaki City, 880-8505
Call Center (a representative): 0985-25-2111
Open 9-5, M-F, Closed Saturday, Sunday and national holidays

Miyazaki City Office Kiyotake Branch
1-1 Nishi Shinmachi, Kiyotake-cho, Miyazaki City 〒889-1696
Shimin-ka: 0985-85-1103
Open 8:30-5:15, M-F, Closed Saturday, Sunday and national holidays

【National Health Insurance】

Every resident in Japan is required to register for National Health Insurance, with which you will have to pay only 30% of incurred medical expenses. Students are regarded to earn no income and are therefore eligible to apply for the maximum discount (70 %) of the premium. When your application is approved, the annual premium will be about 17000 yen. You will pay this in 10 installments.

You will receive the first invoice and payment slips for the coverage of March in April. Please bring it to a convenience store nearby or post office and pay. In June, you will receive 10 payment slips which are for coverage from April to March next year. Each slip has a due date for payment. Please make sure to pay on time. You can pay at any convenience store or post office. If you have a Japanese bank account, you can set an automatic payment from your bank account.

You need to claim your income status every year to get the discount of the insurance fee. The National Health Insurance will send you the claim form in February every year. You will fill in and send it back by the end of March. If you do not send it, you will be charged the maximum fee so please make sure to submit it on time.

【National Pension System】

Every resident who is 20 years or older is required to join the National Pension System and pay the premium, but students can apply for a student exemption. Joining this system and applying for the premium waiver can be done at the same time. Required documents:

  1. Student ID card
  2. Passport
  3. Certification of residence (jyuuminhyo)
  4. Stamp (inkan)

Once your application for the premium waiver is approved, it will be valid for the duration of your time as a student, however, you need to claim the exemption every year. National Pension Service will send you a postcard to ask for your status every April. It has a reply card attached. You must fill it in and send it back by the due date written on the postcard.

【My Number】

My Number is the identification number the Japanese government gives every resident in Japan. You will be asked to show your My Number when you get a salary from your employer, including part-time jobs, or when you receive a benefit. Your My Number is sent you by registered mail within about two weeks after you complete your residence registration. It is important private information. Please keep it in a safe place.

Other information/その他

【Issues on Human Rights】

There is a sector in the Ministry of Justice to take care of the human rights issues from foreigners residing in Japan.
Human Rights Counseling for Foreign nationals:

Multilingual leaflets in the following languages are also available.

Human Rights Counseling Leaflet for Foreigners:

【Driver’s License】

An international driver’s license obtained in your home country is valid for one year after entering Japan. You can switch your international driver’s license to a Japanese driver license within the valid period. Please check with the Miyazaki Prefectural Police in advance as there are conditions depending on the country where you obtained your driver’s license and your driving history after obtaining it.

【Miyazaki Prefecture Bicycle Ordinance】

From April 1, 2021, Miyazaki Prefecture Bicycle Ordinance on Promotion of Safe and Proper Use of Bicycles will come into effect. All who ride a bicycle must have a bicycle insurance with the required coverage.
Here is a flyer with an overview. Ask Global Education Center if you have questions.

Help Desk for the International Students/留学生相談窓口

If you have any questions, troubles, concerns, please come to the Global Education Center; the 2nd floor of MIC 1 building, or contact us by email.

  • Naoki Nishimura, Director: nnishimu[at]
  • Yukiko Walker, Assistant Director: ywalker[at]
  • Cho Eunsoo: echo[at]
  • Reiko Kagawa: rkagawa[at]
  • Anderson Passos: apassos[at]
  • Lloyd Walker: lwalker[at]
  • Please change [at] to @ and send an email.




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