Instructional Technology


Technology for all

MIC Computing has prepared a series of tutorials to assist faculty and staff to perform their duties. Technology trainning and workshops are done through the year as part of our Faculty Develoment program.


Faculty Development sessions are performed during the year and often happen in days were most faculty mambers are available. No registration is needed so, if you are interrested in participating, make sure to add the sessions to your calendar.
The tentative schedule for the year can be found here

Online Resources

1. Receiving your MIC username/password

Upon arrival you will receive your MIC username and password. Make sure to save this information on a safe place.

2. Access to the MIC wifi

All MIC students, staff and faculty can connect to MIC wifi network using the username/password information received during orientation.

3. Google@MIC

MIC community email and colaboratiopon tools are backedup by Google. Make sure to take a look at the Google Apps documentation for additional tips and tricks.

If you are having problems login in to off-campus resources, try the following:

4. Moodle@MIC

MIC uses Moodle as its electronic learning platform. Before jumping to our Moodle site, make sure to watch the video below. If you already know about Moodle, make sure to check the resource page within Moodle@MIC.

Additional Material




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